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Concrete Stairs and Walkways Contractor In Rochester, NY.

Whenever you walk into any building, commercial or residential, the first site to get in contact with would be the steps, stairs, and walkways. However, in some instances, such locations’ state is never of utmost importance to the owners. Elevating their faces is the first point of improving your entry point’s aesthetics and the entire building.

Through advancements in technology, you can combine various techniques to achieve a dramatic but still classic look, consequently a better visual impact. Concrete has proven over time to be an efficient construction material. It is because of its durability, style addition, and can express more about structures. Not only is it ideal for the indoors but also perfect for outdoors.

Rochester Concrete Solutions understand the levels of diversification related to this material hence an upper hand in delivering efficient services. So what kind of concrete services can they offer you regarding these parts of a construction.


The types of schemes associated with stairs and walkways vary. If necessary, you can opt for a color and pattern sequence for both items to achieve uniformity. The company has a portfolio comprising of numerous photos that you can go through. Something will catch your eye. The first aspect of tackling will be the color selection. There are several ways in which concrete can soak colors to give out that accurate appearance. Some of these methods include staining, application of dry-shake color hardener, and lastly, the addition of integral colors. You can choose a single approach; otherwise, the contractors can employ a blended method if you want unique colors and effects.



The choice of patterns varies widely depending on the location of the stairs. Either way, the top pick has to be stamped concrete. In this case, stamp patterns include cobblestone, slate, brick, flowery, or animal patterns. The availability of molds mimicking these originals has made it easier to get an accurate outcome. The outlook is more real. Additionally, there is room for transitioning of the flat coverings. Flex mats and texture skins work magic to provide an effect equal to rigid mats employed in stamping concrete.



If you wish to bring out a special effect, then you should consider showing off the aggregate. It is an excellent item to work with, as there are no limitations in choosing color or texturizing. Also, they can complement bare concrete through strategic beautification and staining. Nevertheless, you can go for fancy edges to make the work more appealing.

One risk associated with concrete stairs and walkways is slipping. Rochester Concrete Solutions have the interests of their clients as a priority, thus offering safety to the best of their capability. They will add some texture to the surface to create an anti-slip surface. Additionally, they will advise you on the perfect combination of contrasting colors or patterns to enhance visibility and distinguish the edges. The strategy eliminates any chance of missing a step as well. As seen above, choosing them is a guarantee of exceptional services hence satisfaction.

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